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5 Life Pro Tips of the Week – Part 189

Here are this week’s Life Pro Tips.

1. Peel off the painter’s tape when you are done painting and the paint is still wet. If you wait for it to dry, the clean lines will be ruined.

2. If you believe your employer may be discriminating against you when it comes to paying, do not be afraid to ask your coworkers what they make. It is a federally protected right to speak about salary.

In the USA, since 1935, there has been a federal law that prohibits any company in the private sector (and as of 2014, also the federal sector and federal contractors) from discriminating or terminating an employee for sharing their salary with others.

Keep in mind, there are certain positions that are specifically excluded from this law:

  • Workers in religious schools (they must follow the school’s rules)

  • Agricultural Laborers

  • Airline employees

  • Supervisors (who aren’t classed as “employees” for this purpose)

  • Independent Contractors

While it may not be specifically stated in the law, positions in Human Resources or financial positions may also be prohibited from speaking about pay in certain instances, since they often handle money.

Keep in mind, that while an employer can not stop you from talking about your salary in general, they are within their right to ask you not to do it on company time.

Also, keep in mind that while you are within your right to talk about salaries, you should be careful who you tell.

Telling someone who has worked at your place of employment longer, that you make a lot more than them can have a potential impact on how they see you in a work environment. However, this can also give them a reference and bargaining chip during a yearly review.

3. At Taco Bell, 4 mini quesadillas are cheaper than 1 regular one and are nearly twice as much food.

Each mini quesadilla is almost twice as big as one slice of a regular quesadilla, which has four slices.

4. When you think your chocolate syrup container is empty, fill it with milk and shake it up. You’ll have chocolate milk using the syrup that you didn’t know was there.

5. Plumbers hate this one trick! – Blocked toilets.

Blocked toilets are a fact of life in the US with the traps having a diameter of a small marble.

But one really easy and mess-proof way to get rid of blocked toilets is just to add detergent and hair conditioner to the mix and leave for a while.

And if the toilet is not overflowing, after adding the detergent/conditioner, add a pot of hot water to the bowl which will help soften things and help circulate the hair conditioner which will reduce friction between the blockage and the bowl. (Often calcium/salt deposits from the water basically can leave the bowl-like almost sandpaper which snags the paper etc).


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