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5 Life Pro Tips of the Week – Part 199

Here are this week’s Life Pro Tips.

1. Military dogs are amazing at what they do but the breeds are high octane and need to be worked. They may not be suitable for all homes as pets without extensive training. Please don’t get a dog breed because it is a hero, get a dog breed because it fits your family’s lifestyle.

2. Be skeptical of products that say “Clinically proven”. That is a marketing term and only says they’ve done their own private study that is designed to show the result the company wants. It is not the same as a “Scientifically proven” study which is published and open for peer review.

3. Inflation is currently ~2% per year. If you are not getting more than that per year as a raise, you are getting a pay cut. Make sure to take inflation into account when you get a raise.

4. If you’re working in a technical role (IT, Engineering, etc), write everything you do down as if it was a user manual. Ignore those who say it will be used to replace you. It is far more likely to be used to show management “you can give me that promotion, as the next guy is all set”.

It’s also going to help build skills in communicating things clearly, precisely and in a way anybody can understand. You’ll also be amazed at how many times writing something out instructional can lead you to think “wait, why do we do it like that?!” – identifying opportunities for improvement.

5. If you receive a bunch of scam calls, pick up the phone and mute your mic. You’ll be considered a “ghost number” and steadily the calls will decrease.

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