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5 Life Pro Tips of the Week – Part 55

Here are this week’s life pro tips.

01. If you lose your ring in the ocean (or anywhere)…


There is a national directory of people who will help you find it free of charge, and they found mine!

As a newlywed dummy, I went in the ocean with my wedding band on, and immediately got hit by a wave which pulled it right off. Hugely disappointed but found out via a helpful email from craigslist about the TheRingFinders. After calling and explaining my situation he showed up in 15 minutes, and found my ring in less than an hour in about a foot of water off shore (the tide had gone out at this point). He didn’t ask for any money and refused my attempts to repay him monetarily, just asked that we spread the word about their service.

02. Getting married?

Getting Married

Create a separate email account just for your wedding to avoid spam and keeping organized. Do this especially if you are corresponding with national wedding chains, such as The Knot or David’s Bridal. Your email inbox will be spammed with multiple emails per day once you start using their services. This LPT has the additional benefit of keeping all your wedding planning emails in one place.

03. Use a water-sensing alarm

Water-sensing alarm

Put a water-sensing alarm near your sump pump or water heater. They cost 15 bucks and could prevent thousands in damage. Also, you can get some that connect to your wireless network and will e-mail or text you an alert when they go off. So if you aren’t home, you’ll still know and you might be able to get home to fix it or get someone there to take care of it.

04. When talking to a deaf person…

Deaf person

Maintain eye contact with said deaf person and not their interpreter. Remember, you’re having a conversation with that person, not their interpreter. So when you need to make eye contact during the conversation, look at the person you’re talking to (the deaf person) even though they can’t understand you. If you don’t look at them when you’re talking/don’t look at them when they’re responding to you, they might find it rude.

05. Safest parking place in an outdoor lot

Outdoor Parking

The safest place to park is in an outdoor lot directly next to the payment station. 99% of the time it is covered in cameras and at the very least gets the most foot traffic.


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