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5 Life Pro Tips of the Week – Part 59

Here are this week’s Life Pro Tip.

01. Don’t have a particular store’s reward card?

Reward Card

If using a phone number is an option, try using your local area code, and Jenny’s phone number. A lot of people are reluctant to put their real phone number, and 867-5309 has worked in almost every store I have tried it in. Discounts are good!

Another tip. Register for store cards using this number. You’ll crowdsource earning rewards points in your favor. Someone I know has registered for all her cards using this number. It is actually pretty amazing how many people use it. One of the stores she goes to, gives store credit based on points and people using this tip earn her probably 50$ a month of free groceries.

02. Best times to visit a zoo


Think about your cat. They sleeps constantly, right? The big cats are just larger, lazier versions. Other animals sleep a lot during the day simply because that’s their biology. To see more active animals, go during cooler parts of the year or in the early morning or evening. The animals will be active trying to warm up.

03. When on a budget…


Go to the Goodwill of a higher income community than your own. Goodwills are more or less a reflection of where they are located, meaning buying from a Goodwill near you is like going to a local yard sale, whereas going elsewhere can be a treasure trove.

Bonus LPT: The more expensive the area the more stuff you’ll find. Often people of certain wealth do not want to be seen shopping at Goodwill and will only drop items off.

Also, Goodwill in a college town is great, especially if you go after each semester ends. Kids (especially rich/international students) don’t want to haul all their furniture back so they get rid of it/donate it.

04. If you need dietary advice…

Nutritionist doctor man

See a dietitian, not a nutritionist. Dietitian is a legally protected term. Nutritionist isn’t a legally protected term.

05. Use VLC player to save time watching movies

VLC player

Use ‘VLC Player’ to save 12 minutes for every hour of movies you watch and podcasts you listen to. Once your selected media is playing in VLC: Press the “]” to speed everything up by 0.1x for each individual key press (inversely, press “[“ to slow everything down by 0.1x). At 1.2x of normal speed, you will rarely notice anything distracting, but you will see the time stack up. A 2 hour movie will “give” you 24 minutes of free time that you wouldn’t have had before. I listen to all my podcasts at 1.5x speed for 30 minutes of free time for each 90 minute podcast. Not recommended for music, for obvious reasons.



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