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5 Life Pro Tips of the Week – Part 60

life pro tips #60

Here are this week’s Life Pro Tips.

1. Keep an extra set of clothes and essentials in your car

car tote bag

Keep a small tote with a few essentials in it in the trunk of your car for emergencies

Recommended things:

  1. An extra set of clothes (socks, shorts, cheap flipflops, sweatpants, shirt, sweatshirt, underwear, and a hat)
  2. Insulated leather gloves
  3. Flashlight (batteries not inside to prevent draining/corrosion)
  4. Deodorant
  5. Towel
  6. Hand sanitizer
  7. A deck of cards
  8. Lighter
  9. Small cheap pocket knife
  10. Paracord

The tote will be shockingly useful in a lot of surprising ways.

2. Train your puppy to ring a bell you hang by the door so he/she can let you know audibly when they need to go outside

puppy ringing bell

It gives them a chance to audibly ask to go outside even when you are not near the door. This in turn prevents scratching at the door (which can cause damage) and helps prevent accidents earlier on in life when potty training.

3. If you are a college student then, at the start of every semester, use the syllabus from each class to fill in a calendar or day planner for the entire semester.


Using each syllabus, extract the date that every assignment, quiz, test, paper or project is due for each class. Fill in your calendar or day planner with this information, making sure to list everything that is due each day, for each class, for the whole semester.

By doing this, you will prevent yourself from being blindsided by deadlines.

Whether they are quizzes, exams, or even which chapters need to be read before each class, having a weekly template of what you need to accomplish or prepare for will set you up for success.

4. Avoid the awkward “dancing” encounter with strangers by simply looking to the left or right and following through with that side

awkward dancing

It happens to everyone. You’re walking towards someone without much clearance on either side of them. You have to pick a side, but you don’t want it to be like high school prom. It’s awkward, it sucks, but if you know that this terrible encounter will happen, simply look to the stranger’s left or right and hold that stare. Lastly, pick a side, be confident in that side, and pursue it. Make the decision. Works like a charm.

5. Complete a simple task when you wake up in the morning

making bed in morning

Complete a simple task like making up your bed or preparing a real breakfast when you wake up in the morning. The feeling of accomplishment will encourage you to achieve more throughout the day.

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