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5 Life Pro Tips of the Week – Part 61

Here are this week’s Life Pro Tips.

01. If someone tells you they don’t drink alcohol…


Don’t ask them why and don’t pressure them. It’s probably for a personal reason, and may be because they’re an alcoholic. In any case, it isn’t any of your business.

02. How to overcome eating out of boredom


Easy way: Replace eating with drinking water. It’s healthier and worse thing is you may pee more. But if you’re at work you probably aren’t totally leaving your desk so simply taking some water and possibly getting up to walk around or stretch is the best way.

As for long term: Recognize the behavior when you do it. Determine if you are hungry or not. A good way to answer this is “Would I eat an apple right now?” Now a lot of times if you are hungry, truly, anything will be good but for some reason, you throw an apple out there and out of boredom most people will say no to eating it.

Thus you aren’t hungry – you are bored. So once you have determined if you are truly just bored then find something to occupy that time. As mentioned above, take a little walk or stretch is the best way. If able, go outside to get some fresh air. It actually works wonders to kick in energy.

03. Turning stale potato chips back to crunchy

Stale potato chips

Microwave stale potato chips for ~20-30 seconds and wait for them to cool down. Once they cool down, they’ll become crunchy again. I wouldn’t recommend doing it repeatedly with the same chips, but if you have a stale bag of chips and want to eat some of them, pop them in the microwave and they’re good as new.

Also, don’t microwave the bag with the chips. Your eyes won’t be disappointed, but your wallet might.

04. Vocal Exercise to get your voice crisp and strong

Voice Exercise

I found something that helped me prepare before giving presentations was to hold a pencil in my teeth and recite my speech as clearly as possible around the pencil. Giving the speech without the pencil later was like doing it on easy mode. It helped a lot with my enunciation and pacing. This is working under the same general principle as batters in the on-deck circle swinging with weights on the bat. When they go up to swing, their muscle memory overcompensates and hits harder.

05. If a news headline tells you how to feel, it’s not news


If an article’s title suggests how you ought to react to the content- that it’s shocking or disgusting or heartwarming or threatening, it’s not news, it’s a propaganda piece at best and clickbait at worst.


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  • True with click bait, especially when it spends the title hyping you up makes you read pages and doesn’t tell you the answer to the near end. Like one about a shitty house that is in a good neighborhood it kept hyping it up to why it was dirt cheap and how ugly it was. Last sentence told me it was in a good neighborhood. But yeah espically when it has an emotion. The most annoying type is when the title asks a stupid question. Like are aliens real and such.


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