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5 Life Pro Tips of the Week – Part 62

lpt part 62

Here are this week’s Life Pro Tips.

1. If you take someone to a gun range who has never shot before, stand no more than a foot behind them

gun range

This way they physically cannot turn around and accidentally point a loaded gun at you. Chances are they will try to turn around and ask you a question if you’re teaching them, and many times they don’t think about the gun in their hands. Additionally, you can better see what they’re doing and coach them properly.

Also, for their first time firing a gun, load only one round in the chamber. That way, once they fire the shot, if they freak out and drop it or try to hand it back to you while pointing it at you, the gun will be at least be empty.

2. Finding a solution for computer error code

google homepage

When doing a google search to solve a computer error code, include the word “solved” in your search query.

3. If you have an old picture of someone, give it to them


These pictures are just as precious to the people in them as they are to you. You wouldn’t want them to go the rest of their lives without seeing them, would you?

This can be a daunting project if you have a ton of photos, but it’s very rewarding too. You can instantly make your friends’ and family’s faces light up as they see your photos and remember “the old days.”

What you’ll get in return is hearing old stories you’ve forgotten about (or never knew) and the appreciation of the people you’ve photographed over the years.

4. How to increase Wifi speed


Download Wifi analyzer to determine what channel your router should broadcast its Wifi Signal. It has proven to improve Wifi speeds by 22x.

5. Use + and . so you won’t have to make new emails


If you’ve ever needed to use a different email for some website but didn’t want to make an entirely new email, you can use both pluses and periods. Anything you put after a plus will be disregarded, so emails sent to kickass+facts@gmail.com will actually be sent to kickassfacts@gmail.com. They will also be tagged with whatever is after the plus, so you can easily find them in their respective folders. Similarly, you can insert a period anywhere in an email and it will be completely disregarded. E.g: kickassfacts@gmail.com = k.ickassfacts@gmail.com = k.i.c.k.ass.facts@gmail.com


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