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5 Life Pro Tips of the Week – Part 65

Here are this week’s  Life Pro Tips.

1. Signing up online


When you sign up for anything online, put the websites name as your middle name. That way when you receive spam/advert emails, you will know who sold your info.

2. If you’re put on hold and don’t hear music there’s a good chance you’re just muted and they can still hear you.


3. Lending a pen or marker


When lending a pen or marker hand it over without the cap, you are much more likely to get it back.

4. Dog


If your dogs get out and comes back, don’t scold it. Reward it for coming back.

5. An easy way to make your home smell good


Add cinnamon and essential oils to a pot of water, boil on medium heat to fill your home with a festive, holiday scent and humidify the dry air.

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