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5 Life Pro Tips of the Week – Part 67

Here are this week’s  Life Pro Tips.

1. Rubbing on chest increases the confidence of over submissive pet dogs.


Avoid petting a scared dog, especially if you are unaware about it.

2. A goal towards a tidier home is not through periodic ‘binge cleaning’ but by keeping the house clean through small, everyday tasks.

Image credit: thisladyshouse.com

You should focus on small tasks to have a tidy, livable house that is always ready for unexpected visitors.

For example: Put back a book or a magazine or a play board game on its place after use.

If you use a blanket, fold it up after you get up. Anything that is displaced when in use – even a pencil or a remote.

Do not pile up the dishes in the sink, instead try to wash your cup or plate immediately after you use it. This will leave the sink free and you’ll be left with only the larger cooking dishes to wash.

What this leaves is a tidier, clutter free home which will only require mostly vacuuming, dusting, and/or mopping. When unexpected visitors arrive, you don’t have to scramble.

3. Free service in a restaurant should not be disclosed.


If you are given an extra of something for no charge in a restaurant by a server or cashier, and later if a manager ask you if that employee did his job well, do not disclose that he gave you extra of something (may be food) because it could get him in trouble.

 4. Always be the person who tells someone that they have something in their teeth, shoes untied, fly is down, etc.


 5. Stop thinking over the past mistakes and awkward moments.


You need not worry about something humiliating you said or did in the past. No one thinks about it more than you do, until you mention it.

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