5 Life Pro Tips of the Week – Part 91

July 18, 2017
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  1. Richard says:

    I disagree completely with #3 as someone with experience in creating success. I’d like to ask, have you ever actually met or talked to someone who is massively successful? I have the privilege of working with many successful retired multimillionaires from multiple fields (and of being close to retirement myself at the age of 30), and I can guarantee this: it wasn’t luck, and they know exactly how they got there. Yes, there may have been a lucky break or 2, but they were positioned properly to take advantage of it because of the prep work. I do agree completely about not copying methods because someone successful did it, but mainly because there are a lot of other principles/methods in play with each “tip”. Also, it’s usually through failure that they learned how to be successful. I sincerely hope you have the chance to eventually meet someone who is actually successful, but please, before making statements like that, consult with someone who can actually talk about being successful, not just who has some ideas about it.

    1. Shalon Wood says:

      No, they _think_ they know how they did it.

      That doesn’t mean they’re right. Consider all the CEOs who run multiple businesses into the ground; if they managed by luck to turn one around, they’d ‘know’ exactly what they did right, despite the fact that it ruined multiple other businesses.

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