Online slots have become a huge part of the online gambling industry recently, but do you know how to play them and what the choice open to you is? By looking at the five following facts, you’ll have a good grasp of these games and why they’re so popular now.

1. There Are More of Them Than You Think

How many online slots do you think exist right now? The current list of Paddy Power online slots shows us that there are hundreds of varied titles. They cover a wide selection of different themes, covering wild animals, fishing adventures, gold mining and a lot more, with the general idea being that there’s something there for every type of player to try.

2. Different Developers Create Them

Why are there so many slots online these days? This is a hugely competitive industry with a rapid rate of global growth, as highlighted in Grand View Research’s report. has led to many game developers appearing on the scene. Some of them specialize in certain features or themes, while others have a massively diverse catalogue of slots for players to explore.

3. Free Spins Are a Common Feature

These games tend to offer a few classic features in addition to the overall aim of trying to get matching symbols on the reels. One of the most popular features is a free spins round, where the player is given several chances to win without adding any more of their own funds. This round is typically triggered by getting three or more of the special scatter symbols anywhere on the screen following a spin, and the prizes or features may be enhanced during the bonus round.

4. Some Have Jackpots

The concept of progressive jackpots has become increasingly important in this industry, as a way of encouraging players to give a game a try. According to Law Insider, this works by putting a small amount of each wager into a pot that grows and grows until someone wins it. The jackpot is often paid out on a totally random basis, tying in with the idea that there are simple games of chance, although in some cases there may be a final challenge that needs to be overcome to claim this prize.

5. Bonus Rounds Come in Different Forms

We’ve seen a couple of examples of online slot bonuses, but it would be wrong to think that these are only bonuses that can be triggered by playing games of this type. In fact, a growing number of bonus rounds is one of the biggest changes seen in recent years, as the different developers all look for interesting ways to reward their players as they play. These rounds can involve picking objects to reveal prizes, filling meters with prizes, or carrying out other challenges.

All of these different aspects of online slots have contributed to making this such a big and wide-ranging sector, with a high degree of innovation and creativity. Expect to see online slots continue to grow, but the facts we’ve looked at should continue to underpin the sector.

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Last Update: February 23, 2023