5 Things You Should Know – Part 130

September 22, 2017
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  1. Bob says:

    Kickassfacts seriously needs to stop this ridiculous entry. It was a fun experiment. Because, 5 Things You Should Know, is a disaster. It’s either people’s unfounded opinions (we all remember the gem, “Starbucks coffee isn’t considered good!”), to un-cited stuff like this entry’s “monthly HOA fees which can sometimes be more than the mortgage payments on the condo”.

    A) literally every human knows about condo fees. But B) I need *any* example of this being true. sh*t, my monthly condo fees are $800+ the highest in my city (a top 5 largest in the US) But with 20% down my mortgage is $2700.

    In short, the higher the fees, the more expensive the condo. So please find any example where a condo fee is MORE than the mortgage.

    And #5?? Are you f**king kidding me? Yeah, the whole “tan” comment has nothing to do woth the fact that southern hemisphere cultures are more agricultural, thus people being outside as a whole % of population. Nope, that can’t be it. It’s apparently because the earth get a closer. Which it in fact does. And if a single NASA (or any other agency) report since the dawn of Astronomy cited that the radiation intensity increases as a result that’d be neat. But it doesn’t. Because of that little thing we call the atmosphere. Yeah, it’s just as protective at all points in our ellipse orbit.

    Seriously, admins, stop with this absurd segment, or at least vet sh*t with experts instead of letting any asshole pretend their know something they very VERY clearly do not.

    1. fritoz says:

      did you seriously just say ” literally every human knows about condo fees.” !?!?!?!?

      please, stop, and think before you post things on the internet.

      At least you gave me a good chuckle, LITERALLY


    2. Nate says:

      I agree with Bob. These 5 facts this time around were almost useless. Am I supposed to just drink a bottle of canola oil? After a quick google search (which I didn’t see anything scientific with a quick glance), it seems that drinking straight canola oil seems to be bad for your health.

  2. Hogo says:

    Lots of negativity here. Gonna defend you real quick Kickassfacts.

    I did not know about condo fees nor what HOA fees are… I am not American.

    I do not need all of these things to be worth remembering as long as one of them is. I enjoy hearing other perspectives but yeah sometimes these are only opinions not facts. However, I don’t mind as sometimes am opinion is persuasive enough for me to change my own opinions.

    Please keep this section if you don’t feel you’re stretching it or finding it difficult to find stuff to put in the section.

    1. Kymm says:

      I didn’t know this stuff either, as I am not from America
      And I still find it an interesting read
      Why are there always so much negative comments?
      if you want to make your point you can be civil about it too, it’s not because it’s the internet that you have to be so condescending
      kickassfacts is one of my fav sites and not every category is interesting to me but I just don’t read it then..
      Keep up the good work Kickassfacts!

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