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5 Things You Should Know – Part 161

Here are 5 things you should know.

1. As part of the U.S. Tax overhaul effective 1/1/18, 529 Plan assets, aka college savings accounts can now be used for private school tuition for grades K-12. Not just secondary school.

2. How to cancel subscriptions and free trials (that charge you if you don’t cancel) on the iPad.

Open up the settings for the iPad, scroll down until you see iTunes & App Store. Then, select the Apple ID that you used to sign up for the subscription. When you get the pop-up, select View Apple ID. Scroll down until you see Subscriptions. Click on Subscriptions and it will show you your subscriptions. Find the app you are looking for and select cancel.

You may also find some other subscriptions you forgot you were signed up for or gave up searching for, while you’re at it.

It is embedded deeply within links with no intuitive or well-marked path. Also, they don’t tell you how to cancel the subscription online, you have to email them and ask how to do it.

3. Many hotels are now adding mandatory “resort fees” at the counter to make their advertised prices appear lower.

4. Dishwasher lines freeze in these cold temperatures.

If your dishwasher drains but won’t fill with water the lines could be frozen. Pour two hot pots of tap water into the tub and let it sit for ten minutes with the door closed. You can also heat the lines with a hairdryer.

5. AT&T is applying customer loyalty speed upgrades without customer consent.

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