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5 Things You Should Know – Part 178

Here are 5 things you should know.

1. Companies like Best Buy & Home Depot utilize a vendor named The Retail Equation to track consumers shopping behaviors, especially how often they return merchandise. The Retail Equation can deny specific requests or ban the customer outright from making returns, even those with valid receipts.

This includes returns within the company’s stated return window (7 days / 14 days etc.).

2. There is a professional looking typeface that’s optimised for legibility on computer screens and 100% free to use for whatever you want to do, even use it commercially. It’s called Inter UI.

Get it here.

3. Hair and threads can wrap around toes, fingers and appendages of babies resulting in loss of that appendage.

Image credit: en.wikipedia.org

This is called a Hair/Thread Tourniquet and can cause loss of that appendage.

There was a case in the hospital where a 6-month-old may lose his toe because of it. A long hair or a thread from the PJ’s can wrap around the toe and block off the blood flow and can happen overnight. In boys, this occurs around the penis about 44% of the time and around toes 40%. This can also happen around fingers, ears, labia and the tongue. So, before putting on the full PJ’s or before putting on that diaper, make sure the baby is free of any long hair in which this might occur.

4. There are ways to reach out if you are struggling with your mental health.

The article lists simple things you can say to someone if you are struggling with suicidal ideations. Because honestly, when anxiety peaks you can’t think clearly and it is so hard to find any words at all.


5.  iOS 11s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi control center toggles don’t actually turn them off. You need to go to settings to do that.

Turning off Bluetooth in the control center doesn’t actually disable it. Sometimes your phone will still auto-connect to recognized Bluetooth devices if you come within range of them. Here’s an article with more detail.

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