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5 Things You Should Know – Part 186

Here are 5 things you should know.

1. How to improve your posture.

Training your posture is such an important part of an attractive appearance and good health. Those who slouch are more at risk for back problems, and it has been proven that it has a negative effect on your mental state.

Having good posture makes you look more confident and more attractive. It will decrease back pain, improve your mood, increase productivity, make you look taller, and many other advantages.

So here is how you can begin to work on improving how your posture is.

  1. Begin by determining the type of posture that you have. Different types of postures need to be fixed by doing different things. You can refer to this picture here. After concluding what posture you have, research what muscles you need to work on stretching and training in particular to improve it.
  2. The rest of these points will help your posture regardless of what type of posture you have. Make sure you begin doing regular posture stretches and exercises.
    • Chin Tucks
    • Planking
    • Reverse Dumbell Flies
    • Standing Shoulder Extension Reach
  3. Make sure to do regular posture checks during your day. When you go to drink something, train yourself to associate it with checking your posture. Regularly checking your posture will have one of the largest impacts on your posture overall. If you sit at a desk it’s worth investing in a lumbar support cushion. Otherwise, make sure to consistently check your posture during periods of sitting.
  4. Some easy ways to make sure you are standing straight or sitting straight are:
    • Pretend you’re wearing a cape. You’ll feel your shoulders move back.
    • Check to see where your hands are when standing up straight. If they drop into a position that has the palms facing behind you, you need to improve your standing posture. Palms need to be parallel with the side of your body.
    • Place a stick of tape between your shoulder blades. When they move out of position you will know.

Make sure you work on your posture consistently and it will become second nature.

2.In Windows 10, Windows logo key + period (.) will open an emoji picker.

Windows logo key + semicolon (;) also works.

Requires the Fall 2017 Creators’ update or later.

3. US Cellular uses and distributes your metadata unless you opt out by calling 800-509-6254.

4. You can get the “View Image” button back on Google Images.

Back in February, Google was forced to remove the “View Image” button from Images search because Getty Images won a lawsuit against them regarding it.

Here’s a list of browser add-ons to get back the most useful features on the internet:

5. Spilling diet soda on something will not make it sticky since it has no sugar or corn syrup in it.

It still has some weak acids in it, typically citric acid for flavor. But it won’t totally ruin a keyboard if you spill any on it like a regular soda can do.

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