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5 Things You Should Know – Part 195

Here are 5 things you should know.

1. Antibiotics are not a cure-all and that the misuse of antibiotics promotes antibiotic resistance.

Consequences of medication-resistant infections include longer recovery and steeper healthcare costs. In the long term, easily treatable diseases such as pneumonia or tuberculosis could become incurable.

Colds, the common flu, bronchitis and most coughs (caused by viruses) cannot be treated by antibiotic consumption.

On the other hand, if you have a bacterial illness diagnosed by your docs such as strep throat or a UTI, it is important to finish your antibiotics as the full treatment is required to kill the disease-causing bacteria.

2. It is relatively easy to pass a lie detector test, and it’s all about clenching your butt and controlling blood flow.

There are places that teach you how to beat a lie detector and the main trick is the butt clench. Basically, they start with the questions they know are right. So, when they ask, “is your name……”, you clench your butt and answer. Whenever you want to answer a question and get a correct response, you clench your butt. “Did you ever sell drugs” clench “no”.

You pass.

3. Microsoft Word can read out the text you have written.

Review > Read Aloud

Handy for a piece of text that you want to check for errors as it is often easier to hear typos or grammatical mistakes than to read them.

4. It’s alright to cry.

It might make you feel better.

5. In the event of your death, you can have Google give access to your account to up to 10 trustees.

If you go to account>personal info>account trustee/inactive account manager, you can set your account to go inactive after 3-18 months of not being used. At this time, it will also give access to your account (and all of your Google content) to up to 10 people that you choose. This way you can make sure that your family at least has access to some of your important stuff.

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  • The advice on the polygraph or Lie Detector test is wrong. Most if not all people using a polygraph also have a butt sensor that you sit on so they can detect your movements in the chair, including if you clench you butt. Attempting to “cheat” on the test only makes it more likely that you will fail the test. Also some testers will have you place your feet on similar sensor pads so detect movements with your feet as well.


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