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5 Things You Should Know – Part 200

Here are 5 things you should know.

1. If a website says you’ve used up your free articles, right click and open in a incognito/private window.

2. You can get free admission to many Seattle museums/attractions with a Seattle Public Library Card. Great for parents or visitors.


Of course, the library card is free and you can even reserve/print passes online. Most passes include admission for 2 adults.

3. Most states have Safe-Heaven Laws allowing you to abandon your baby “no questions asked” at places such as Hospitals, Churches, and Firehouses.

Nearly every state has a variation of said law with each stating what places are deemed permissible for “safe abandonment”. Please don’t abandon babies in parks or on the side of the road! These laws were created to prevent that very situation and give the baby the best possible chance to thrive considering the already less than ideal circumstances.

4. If you receive an email or a phone call from a company/business asking for your social security number for account verification, you should treat it as a scam because no one will ask for your SSN online or via the phone.

Also if you suspect that you have been a victim of identity theft you can block online access to your SSN for free on government websites like www.ssa.gov

5. Dirt and sand are heavy and can kill you if you get even a little buried.

Sand can weigh close to 90 pounds a cubic foot, and a cubic yard of dirt can be 2000 pounds. There have been cases of people being buried only to their knees, and dying from crush syndrome. OSHA standard is not to be in a hole more than 5 feet deep without some sort of protection system (sloping, shoring, etc.), but people have died in holes 3 feet deep.

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