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5 Things You Should Know – Part 204

Here are 5 things you should know.

1. If a service dog without a person approaches you, the person is in need of help.

Explained here.

2. When driving on sand, deflate your tires by about half (depending on sand density) their rated PSI. This allows more tire to ride on top and will give you quite a bit more traction so you don’t get stuck.

3. You can ring your phone even if it is silent by using Google’s find phone if your phone is linked to your google account.

Find phone link: https://myaccount.google.com/intro/find-your-phone

It is in the locate phone section. Press ring phone.

4. Google has removed definition entries from its dictionary.

Google uses the Oxford Dictionary of English (worldwide) and the New Oxford American Dictionary (in North America) from en.oxforddictionaries.com to display definitions of English words. This can be accessed by typing define in front of the word such as “define apple” or other related phrases like the meaning of appleapple meaning etc.

Bing also uses the New Oxford American Dictionary (worldwide) to display word definitions in a similar fashion.

But Google has selectively removed many Oxford definition entries from the dictionary it displays. For example definitions of all proper nouns (such as famous persons, countries etc.) have all been removed and even definitions of contentious words such as fascism and alt-right have also been removed.

All these definitions are there on the oxforddictionaries.com website and even on Bing.

5. You should never book hotel reservations through a 3rd party site. (E.g. expedia, Priceline)

Ask any front desk agent and they will tell you the same. 3rd party reservations are a pain (for everybody involved) to modify (if even possible), can have different cancellation policies, and often will charge more. You will almost always get the best rate by booking direct. Also, depending on the hotel, they cannot be applied to loyalty programs. If they offer a better rate for immediate payment, odds are the hotel Brand does too.


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  • 5. You should never book hotel reservations through a 3rd party site. (E.g. expedia, Priceline).

    I wonder what you think about a 3rd party like Booking.com? Me and my wife have been using that site quite a lot and it’s been really helpful when making trips to the other side of the world (Asia from Europe for example).

    Do you know of other methods to make this more direct with more or less the same “hassle”?

  • Hotels dot com offers a free night after you stay ten (equals one of the average per night price of the ten) and most hotels i’ve stayed at have allowed their loyalty on top of that. Book with a good rewards credit card and you’ve got yourself a triple bonus.


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