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5 Things You Should Know – Part 208

Here are 5 things you should know.

1. Most generic store-brand products are made by big-name companies.

For instance, Great Value white bread sold at Walmart is manufactured by Sara Lee. Canned peaches come from Dole, etc.

This also applies to many of the Kirkland brand products found at Costco (Kirkland batteries are made by Duracell, and so on).

It should be noted that often times the generic products are identical or extremely similar to their name brand counterparts, but this is not always the case. As far as I know, the only arena of goods where generics are expectedly 100% (in regards to active ingredients) equivalent to name brands is pharmaceuticals, as the law requires them to be.

2.  In the USA, your vehicle’s value is determined by the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA), which is what insurance companies and financial institutions use, not Kelley Blue Book.

If you are buying or selling a vehicle, the perceived value of the vehicle is going to change depending on who you are dealing with. Historically, private parties will pay more for vehicles than dealerships will, as dealerships have to turn your vehicle around to make a profit, but this is becoming less of the case as consumers become more informed, therefore a private party isn’t as willing to pay an excess amount over the actual value of the vehicle.

Dealerships, financial institutions, and insurance companies, all use the National Automobile Dealers Association values to determine what your vehicle is worth. There are two general categories falling under trade-in or retail. Trade-in is what a dealership will pay for your vehicle and Retail is what a dealership will usually sell it for.

Your bank or insurance company will determine how much your vehicle is worth based on information from the NADA. This will change things like your premium or other coverages.

The Kelley Blue Book price of your vehicle is usually to determine how much a private party will pay you for it, meaning if you sell it to someone and not a dealership. This price will usually be higher, closer to what a retail value of your vehicle would be according to the NADA.

This information is important because if you try and get a loan for a vehicle and want to pay Kelley Blue Book price for it, from a private party, your bank might deny you the loan for the vehicle if the price of what you are paying for it is too much more than the NADA’s value of the vehicle. This also matters because if you do get this loan your insurance company might determine that the value of your vehicle is far less than what you still owe on the vehicle, leaving a large gap that you will still have to pay out of pocket.

Pop over to nadaguides.com to find out how much your car is really worth.

3. Dish has a hidden 4K World Cup Channel.

Channel 540 is titled “4K Channels” and is expandable. Channel 540-02 is 4K World Cup soccer.

4. Turning off cellular data on mobile applications (specifically games) will remove ads.

Ads get in the way of apps and can be a common annoyance. Turning cellular data off for apps that don’t require them keeps you from being disrupted by them. For IOS, simply visit the “Cellular” section under the settings and uncheck any app under the “Cellular Data” list.

5. The U.S. Postal Service has a free service which emails you pictures of most of your incoming mail.

When mail is scanned at a distributing center that is coming to your house the USPS will send you a picture of it so that you know what will be arriving that day. It’s free to use and may be signed up for at their website.

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