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5 Things You Should Know – Part 240

Here are 5 things you should know.

1. If you can’t open the login page for a public wifi, type in the browser to force the login page to open.

2. If someone is threatening suicide the police can locate them by pinging their mobile phone.

If someone is threatening their life, call the police, if they have a mobile phone and the threat is imminent they can be tracked.

3. Google rolled out a .new domain, type in sheets.new in a browser opens a new spreadsheet.

Similarly, docs.new opens a new Google document and sites.new opens a new site builder.

4. You can stop windows from downloading games like Candy Crush on your computer by disabling auto-updates in Windows Store.

If you disable automatic updates in the settings of your Microsoft Store windows will stop downloading those annoying games without your permission and also will stop updating apps you don’t use so you can enjoy more of the resources of your PC. But you’ll have to go in there every once in a while to make sure you update the apps that you use.

5. Uber and Lyft will be offering heavily discounted, or even free in some cases rides to polls tomorrow.

For some of us it could be a hassle to get to the polls; just getting this information across so that those of us who have transportation problems know that there are solutions.

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