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5 Things You Should Know – Part 246

Here are 5 things you should know.

1. You don’t actually need to share your email when signing up for things.

Instead of giving away this information and having your inbox flooded with spam and scam emails.

You can go to www.guerrillamail.com where they will hook you up with a temporary, disposable email address!

2. The truth about incognito mode.

Image credit: independent.co.uk

While using incognito mode on your browser won’t track your activity locally, it doesn’t change how the rest of the internet, the website you visit, your internet provider and people on the same network can see your information. Yes, the websites you visit in this mode won’t be tracked in your browser’s history, nor will cookies be saved or even the information you may fill in online. However, this only applies to your local computer. Nothing is changed for the rest of the internet regarding your online activity. This means that the website you visit can track just as much as when you are not in incognito mode. This also means that your internet provider can see the websites you visit (although there isn’t really any reason why they would look at your specific internet activity). Your data can also be intercepted by other people using the same Wi-Fi, especially on a public-Fi where others can easily monitor your activity. Basicaĺly, what you are doing in incognito mode isn’t tracked by your local browser but it doesn’t hide your identity from the rest of the internet any more than without that mode enabled.

3. How Long to Read will tell you how long you’ll take to read any book.

The site uses a reading speed timer and average reader data to show how long you’ll take to read any book on Amazon.


4. While enrolling for classes next semester, for each class, look into the professor’s website and download homework’s/projects before the professor removes them. Now you can prepare for future homework’s ahead of time, especially during winter break.

5. The IRS doesn’t care how you make your money. On your 1040 there’s a section for gifts, gambling winnings etc, and as long as you claim it and pay taxes they won’t bother you.

For more information here’s the IRS forms and instructions page: ghttps://www.irs.gov/forms-instructions

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