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5 Things You Should Know – Part 247

Here are 5 things you should know.

1. You can analyze the rating of an Amazon product on reviewmeta.com, which will check the reviews for suspicious patterns/behavior.

Image credit: reviewmeta.com

It’s free, and they also have a browser extension that will do it automatically.

2. Saunas aren’t supposed to feel good. In fact, the best ones are borderline torturous. The reason you sauna is to feel better after you come out than before you went in.


3. NewsGuard, a browser extension that will inform you if the website your on is trustworthy or not.


The extension is maintained by journalist and will give 4 badges next to links to tell you how trustworthy a site is with an extension.

Green – the source you’re reading is trustworthy and rarely if ever shares anything that is false or not based on proof

Blue – the source you’re reading might not be accurate

Red – the source your reading is not trustworthy and regularly spreads fake or incorrect information and news

Yellow – source is user-generated and may not be accurate

4. There’s a faster way to search for local files.

The search in Windows explorer apparently indexes not only file names but also the contents. So even the indexing along with the actual search takes a lot of time than it should make sense. There’s a small (under 1 MB) windows utility called “Everything” which indexes all filenames on the machine in it’s first to run, and when you search for a file the result is almost instant. Everything

5. If you cannot access abortion services for any reason, AidAccess.org will mail you the abortion pills for a donation amount of your choice.

So ladies if you’re in an area where abortion is banned or restricted, you aren’t out of options. AidAccess.org is run by physicians and women’s rights advocates who offer abortion services internationally to women who may not otherwise have access. This includes the USA where abortion is heavily restricted in some states and often very expensive.

After a brief questionnaire, an advocate will mail a valid prescription, instructions, pills (plus some extras) and will even walk you through the steps if needed via SKYPE. The organization is based on donations, no minimum amount required.

AidAccess.org is directing all your donations to Women on Web and Women On Waves

More ways to obtain abortion pills online even in restricted countries: A report comparing 8 online abortion pill providers. YOU HAVE OPTIONS.

Read: is it legal?

here is everything you need to know about the abortion pill and how to access it


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  • I’m very disappointed that you promote a product that attacks the most defenseless of all of us, and you treat it as just another helpful business tip. Shame on you. (#5)

    • I agree. Why not provide information for adoption services and pregnancy care centers?

      I think people who spread the idea that abortion is innocent are among the most vile. How little of a heart do you have to have to advertise the killing of innocent children?

    • I dont understand why so many people use that argument as if there isnt another life besides their own inside of them. seeing abortion anything past morally grey is just Desturbs me.


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