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5 Things You Should Know – Part 252

Here are 5 things you should know.

1. If you find a wallet or a purse, you can drop it off at any U.S. post office box and they’ll return it to the driver’s license address free of charge.

You don’t always have to return it to the police station, you can easily walk to a nearby post office box.

2. Socks are the most demanded item at homeless shelters. Please spare a few dollars for a pack of socks and donate them.

3. If you’re going to visit someone in the hospital, bring them an extension cord and earplugs. The former lets them use their devices in bed while plugged in, and their visitors can juice up as they hang out. The latter helps drown out hospital noises and helps them sleep.

4. The synthetic weed (spice or K2) can cause something worse than death when you use it, especially the first time, and it can ruin your children and loved ones’ lives.

This is a PSA due to higher-than-normal levels of stress and drug use at this time of the year. Synthetic drugs cause you to live in your own tortured existence – a fate worse than death.



5. If you don’t boil water and let it cool before using a neti pot, you might die from bacteria eating your brain.

Bacteria can go from your sinuses to your brain. It’s rare, but it happens. Probably more than we know, because it could just look like a sudden but natural death. Boiling appears to be sufficient.


Journal article/source: https://www.ijidonline.com/article/S1201-9712(18)34525-9/pdf

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