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5 Things You Should Know – Part 256

Here are 5 things you should know.

1. Your company’s HR department is there to protect the company, not the employees.

For example, if you want a raise or to dispute your pay, it is their job to help deny you. If you have a harassment claim (particularly if the company could be found culpable) it is their job to minimise and resolve the issue with the best outcome for the company, without considering the interests of the employee.

2. Most liquid laundry detergents are super concentrated, and a load of laundry requires much less detergent than the bottle tells you to use.

Image credit: yourbestdigs.com

3. Your private information could be on FastPeopleSearch for everyone to see.

Image credit: fastpeoplesearch.com

I just Googled my name to see what would come up, and this site did. It showed my full address, previous address, phone number, previous phone numbers, relatives, etc.

Please check this site to make sure your information isn’t on it!

Here you can remove your information

4. When buying oysters, you can request to see the “shellfish tag,” a legally required documentation of the harvest date and origin of the oysters.

Every retailer and restaurant is required to have a shellfish tag for each bag of oysters that they purchase for up to 90 days after that purchase. One expert says, “if they don’t have that tag, I wouldn’t eat those oysters.” She recommends looking for the most recent date on the tag (whether it’s the “final harvest date”, or “wet storage date”) anything further out than 2 weeks won’t taste as good and increases the risk of a bad oyster.


5. If you change your Google Play country setting to a different country (say, while travelling), Google won’t let you change back for 1 year.

This can help you to an extent: help/support page

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