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5 Things You Should Know – Part 258

Here are 5 things you should know.

1. As the Midwest gets it’s first decent snow of the season, you should remember to clear off your headlights and taillights when you clear your windshield.

In a perfect world, you should clear your car completely, but some people never do. Lights are just as important as windows, even in the daylight.

2. There is a page to report earthquakes you just felt and see other people’s reports in real time.

Image credit: earthquake.usgs.gov

In case you ever feel an earthquake and wonder if it was just a truck driving by, here is the United States Geological Survey’s website to report earthquakes. You can also find out about the reports other people are submitting in real time.

3. Your normal sleep position when buying a pillow should be as follows: If you sleep on your stomach, thin pillow. On your back, medium pillow. On your side, thick pillow. The objective for most people’s comfort is to keep a straight spine.

4. According to multiple scientific studies, including one at the University of Colorado, experiences make people happier than material goods. Money is better spent on doing things, not acquiring things.

A few sources:




5. Before renewing your auto insurance, get a new quote under the same insurance company using a different email address. Usually, “new” customers are eligible for more discounts so you’re more likely to obtain a cheaper policy by being a “new” customer.

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