5 Things You Should Know – Part 269

March 1, 2019
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  1. GMWOODS says:

    Should be 5 things you should know if you live in USA.

  2. Valentina says:

    Concerning Nr 1.: This a pretty strong demand. Professors and scientific staff do not provide a service for students. I understand that students pay hilarously high tuition fees now in the US and they want to have something back. However, the high fees don’t go to salary of teaching staff. In fact, scientific staff is quiet badly paid for their qualifaction and the tasks they need to perfom. Their work load is considerable: teaching, writing grant proposals, doing research, publish and doing administrative stuff. Professors are not hired to baby sit grown up students. Instead of demanding counseling, you could just name your problem and try to find a solution. Respect is the keyword. I would never respect one on my students if they demand them to do their work for them. University is a place to learn responsibility for yourself and your life.

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