5 Things You Should Know – Part 27

February 16, 2016
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  1. jo archer says:

    It is often of literally no importance to know the law when it comes to a retail situation in the UK unless you are willing to drop a court letter on the companies door. I cannot tell you how many times companies have just point blank refused to comply with the law when it is pointed out to them. MCOL is a government online service that will send out a court letter notifying the retailer (or anyone else, up to a £5000 dispute) on your behalf for £25 AND you can claim your costs back at the same time, so they end up paying the £25. Usually this bypasses the often commission based retail staff (including shop managers) and goes to the managing directors and/or legal staff. Be polite, state your case in a level and even manner without being antagonistic. They do not want their name dragged through the mud and know that if they fight your case, your costs (hence their costs) will only go up from there.

    If you are legally right and they still refuse you, try MCOL. It took me 8 months of arguing with Groupon for a mattress that was never delivered before I found that out. I got them to pay out for the mattress, the court letter, the stamps and paper, my time and 8% PA statutory interest (compound on a month by month basis). I assume it would have cost them more to tie up one of their in house lawyers for a day and will likely end up losing.

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