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5 Things You Should Know – Part 273

Here are 5 things you should know.

1. There is the integration of preschools with nursing homes that help the elderly move more and have regular interpersonal interactions while simultaneously giving kids more 1 on 1 time and access to generations of knowledge.

There are too many lonely elderlies in the world. We really need to start integrating more preschools into the homes for the elderly. It would also help with the difficulties of providing children with the one on one interaction they need to thrive.

2. Modern websites track our mouse movements, network traffic, and all of your key presses even if you never submit data to them.

Two popular tools to do this are Full Story and Inspectlet.

They can watch what you’re doing on the site in near real-time almost like it’s a video of your screen.

This is used to prioritize new user features and troubleshoot technical issues.

This information can be stored for months and used to build a unique profile of you as a user.

3. iOS devices have a built-in sleep feature which you can use with Spotify etc.

All you have to do is a set the timer on the clock app, then choose the ringtone as “stop playing” (at the bottom) and start playing your music.

4. Most car insurance policies are also extended to rental cars.

Image credit: dailyexcelsior.com

5. There is a cash back option for the Amazon Prime Rewards card.

Image credit: amazon.com

You can redeem points back into your checking account by clicking on your current number of points in your Chase Amazon Visa card account, in the top right of your browser.

There are also options for travel bookings, and buying gift cards.

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