5 Things You Should Know – Part 283

May 3, 2019
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  1. mijk says:

    5 has to be BS. If someone is allergic to a topping, things can go south for them real quick.

    1. GreySky says:

      It depends if it falls under the same style of category as the ‘nut are used in our establishment’ sort of ruling. I don’t personally know the law regarding allergies but the common ones tend to be mentioned as prepared on the site. I don’t think a place should be sued if someone has a uncommon or rare allergy they didn’t make mention off and most places I have ordered from have a special section to mention allergies.

  2. austin haney says:

    Why is #3 specific to women? Women aren’t always the victim you know.

    1. Chris D says:

      Maybe it was updated since you posted this, but if not please reread. I think you misread what was posted.

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