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5 Things You Should Know – Part 283

Here are 5 things you should know.

1. Sites like the Weather Channel, Weather Underground, etc. all get their data from the US National Weather Service (weather.gov).

The main difference between the most accurate predictor (weather.gov) and the commercial sites is that the latter overpredicts inclement weather. Their thinking is that if you plan a picnic because there’s a low chance of rain but get rained on, you’ll be more upset than if they predicted rain but it turns out to be a nice day.

2. Here’s an easy way to Parallel Park.


It helps clear up traffic on the street. Also, this helps those with anxiety about parallel parking.


Pull up next to the car parked in front until your rear bumper lines up with the other car’s rear bumper. If both cars are similar in size and length, then you line up your car’s right mirror with the front car’s left mirror. Both cars should now be parallel and about 2 feet between the mirrors or 3 feet apart door-to-door.

Turn your steering wheel to the right. It should be 1 full turn of 360 degrees.

Check your center mirror, left mirror, and your left blind spot. Make sure there are no cars approaching on your left.


Back up your car until you see the front car’s license plate in the middle of your passenger window.

Then turn your steering wheel to the left all the way.


Back up your car until it is parallel with the curb.

Straighten out your steering wheel. Move forward a bit if needed.

Visual representation right here

3. The Power and Control Wheel is a tool used to determine if a person is committing or being subjected to long-term acts of abuse in a relationship.

The Power and Control Wheel is a tool used to determine if a person is committing or being subjected to long-term acts of abuse in a relationship. While the document is worded to be geared towards women, IT APPLIES EQUALLY TO MEN. If you can check off any of these boxes, you are in a potentially dangerous relationship. If you have to ask yourself if something is normal, chances are it isn’t. By shining a light on what constitutes acceptable behavior, we can stop abusers from continuing their actions.

It is not normal for your significant other too:

  • Restrict who you speak to or socialize with (i.e. my girlfriend won’t let me text other women, my husband won’t let me go out without him)

  • Invade your privacy on a consistent basis (my girlfriend makes me unlock my phone so she can read my texts, my partner makes me show them my emails, my husband makes me show him what I’m doing on the computer)

  • Isolate you from your family and friends (“You don’t need anyone except me,” “If you really loved me I’d be enough for you,” “Your friends/family just want to break us apart.”

  • Hold things/people hostage (“I can’t trust you to manage your own money because you’re a liar,” “If you ever leave me I’ll take the kids and run away,” “It’s either me or (blank).”

  • Create a system of servitude (you are in charge of all the chores in the house in addition to working full time but are not allowed to make major decisions regarding finances, children, etc and have no control over your own income)

  • Manipulate you through mind games or “tests” (my girlfriend frequently texts me from random numbers to see if I’ll flirt back, my spouse poses as various men on social media sites to try and trick me into cheating on him, my partner breaks up with me and tells me later that it was a test to prove my loyalty)

  • Minimize your concerns (“You only cry when we fight because you know you’re lying,” “I didn’t even hit you (that hard),” “All couples fight,” “No one will believe you anyway.”

  • Use sex as a weapon (performing sexual acts on you that you do not agree to or want to participate in, forcing you into sexual situations that you do not consent to, withholding sex as punishment for bad behavior)

4. Chrome allows you to watch any video, including YouTube and Twitch, like the picture in picture.

If you right-click any video in Chrome, you get the option Picture in picture (Windows & MacOS).

You can move the Picture in picture window freely around, inside and outside your browser. This means it also works in games, but only while running in (Borderless) Windowed mode.

You should know this because it’s a very useful feature that can be used in many situations.

Any simple video player:

  1. Right-click in the middle of the video.

  2. Click on Picture in picture in the context menu.

  3. Move the window anywhere and resize it to your liking. Supports play and pause controls.


  1. Right-click twice on the middle of the video.

  2. Click on Picture in picture in the context menu.

  3. Move the window anywhere and resize it to your liking. Supports play and pause, and playlist controls.

Twitch (difficult):

  1. If there are any Twitch Extensions visible on your player, make sure they are switched off.

  2. Right-click on the middle of the video, and select Inspect element from the context menu.

  3. Make sure you select this specific element in the window that just opened. It should have it automatically selected.

  4. Press the delete key on your keyboard.

  5. Close the console window by pressing F12, or pressing the X in the right corner of it.

  6. Right-click the middle of the video, and click on Picture in picture.

  7. Move the window anywhere and resize it to your liking. Supports play and pause.

5. Most pizza places use the same pizza cutters regardless of what toppings are on them, so if you are unable to eat certain toppings due to health or religious reasons, you may need to request a fresh cutter for your pizza.


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