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5 Things You Should Know – Part 291

Here are 5 things you should know.

1. If you feel depressed and feel like a therapist would just turn you away because your problems aren’t “serious enough”, you should still go and talk to a professional. The feeling that your problems are insignificant is actually a symptom of depression.

2. NASA is giving free “boarding passes to Mars” and engraving names on the 2020 rover’s parts!


Anyone from any country can participate to get a cool commemorative boarding pass, and their name engraved into a microchip for the upcoming rover launch.

3. The auditory threshold of pain is higher than the threshold at which hearing damage is incurred.

For example, if when listening to music, it begins to get slightly uncomfortable due to the loudness of the audio, then you are almost certainly putting yourself at risk of hearing loss. The threshold of hearing pain is about 120dB, whereas hearing damage can occur at levels around 85dB (with prolonged exposure, but the risk increases as the loudness increases). You only get one set of ears, and tinnitus is something nobody wants.


4. If you don’t have a £1 coin for the trolley at the supermarket, two 20p coins stacked on top of each other work too! (For UK)

Found this out yesterday by accident when a trolley wouldn’t accept a new £ coin so I had to improvise.

This may work in other countries depending on your trolley (shopping cart) rules haha. Over here they’re all linked together so you have to put a coin in to release one.

But there is nothing more annoying than needing to do a big shop and you can’t get a trolley.

5. You should always take the batteries out of electronics that you are storing or not using. The batteries will corrode, leak and can destroy the device if you don’t.

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