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5 Things You Should Know – Part 292

Here are 5 things you should know.

1. This is how we can stay safe during severe weather of any kind.

The past two weeks the Midwest has been getting pummeled by severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. If you are visiting or are new to an area that is prone to severe weather of any kind, you should know how to stay safe during those conditions. Fortunately, the National Weather Service has a great site that will teach you what the inclement weather entails, and how to prepare for those situations.


Be safe out there!

2. The app “food for all” allows you to order food from restaurants (only in Boston and NY currently) that they would have thrown out otherwise for under 10$!

The app also allows you to place orders in advance and deliver!

3. Here is the 3-2-1 rule for your data.

How much data will you lose when (not if) your computer dies?

To avoid losing precious data (documents, photos, contacts, bookmarks…), have:

THREE different copies

In TWO different formats (Hard drive, cloud, Thumb drives/memory sticks, portable mass-memory, etc, etc)

with at least ONE off-site (in a fireproof lock-box, held by a friend, in the cloud, etc).

4. If you work to earn more than $12k/year as a contract/freelance worker, you need to pay quarterly income tax or you’ll be fined at the end of the year.

Quarterly tax payments are estimations and anything that you overpay gets refunded at the year’s end. The payments have to be sent straight through the IRS website. More information about penalties/exceptions to this quarterly tax can be found here.

5. You’re often going slower than your car’s speedometer indicates.

The speed reported by the speedometer in your car is affected by tyre pressure and wear, meaning over time the reported speed will vary in accuracy. To counter for this, car manufacturers will nudge the speedometer so that it may report a higher, but never lower, speed than what you’re actually traveling at. The gap widens at faster speeds, some cars can vary as much as 4-5km from the reported speed.

Provided your phone has a good GPS fix, any app capable of reporting your current speed (such as Waze) will give you a significantly more accurate indication of your real speed (provided you have a strong fix and give it a few seconds to calculate distance over time for any given speed).



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