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5 Things You Should Know – Part 296

Here are 5 things you should know.

1. You can actually skip unskippable ads in YouTube.

Not long ago YouTube implemented a double ad feature and it isn’t uncommon for an unskippable ad to appear, frustrating users without an ad blocker.

In the lower left corner of the ad, next to the ad time remaining, there is an information symbol (an “i” inside a circle) which you can click on and select the option “Stop seeing this ad”, where three options are given after. You can choose any of those options and it will stop playing the ad.

If you are fast enough you will always skip the ad in less than 5 seconds.

2. Venmo has a PIN feature that is not enabled by default. Be sure to set a PIN to secure your account in case someone has your phone.

Also keep it separate from your phone’s PIN, since the user would only need to guess a single code.

3. Sleeping more isn’t always better (talking about oversleeping).

There are around 1.5-hour long sleep cycles that our body goes through, each consisting of 4 phases, the last phase being the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) or dreaming phase. On average, we sleep through 5 cycles at night (hence 7.5 hours). The first two phases result in a light sleep while the other 2 are phases of deep sleep.

The important thing is that waking up during the second half of a sleep cycle (in the last 2 phases) disrupts deep sleep, and leaves you tired and groggy. Thus, for eg., if you have just 3 hours of time left to sleep, consider delaying sleep for another hour and setting an alarm for 2 hours, so that you don’t wake up in the middle of a deep phase of the second cycle, and instead wake up in a lighter phase.

It’s also the reason why it is advised to take short naps of around 25-30 minutes rather than an hour long nap.





4. Some Memory Foam Mattresses contain Fiberglass.

Some Memory Foam Mattresses contain a fiberglass flame retardant sock that helps in case of a fire. If you purchase a memory foam mattress of a cheaper quality, Primarily Zinus, Aka Spa Sensations, ETC, and take off the “removable” outer casing, (To wash it) you will be exposing yourself to harmful Fiberglass shards that get everywhere and will leave you the gift that keeps on itching. The shards can also cause immediate health problems, among actually shifting themselves through the outer layer of some memory foam mattresses. Please be careful and do your research before purchasing a cheap memory type foam mattress.

5. Putting hand sanitizer on a mosquito bite stops the itching.

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