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5 Things You Should Know – Part 306

Here are 5 things you should know.

1. X percent of Y is equal to Y percent of X. So, if you want to find out what 7% of 50 is, you could instead find out what 50% of 7 is, which is 3.5. This means that 7% of 50 is also equal to 3.5.

More examples: If you want to find out what 2% of 20 is, do 20% of 2 instead and you’ll get 0.4. So, 2% of 20 also equals 0.4.

Or, 12% of 25 can be alternatively written out as 25% of 12 instead, which would be 3.

Explanation: Commutative Property. So, 0.07 times 50 will always equal 50 times 0.07.

2. This is how to escape sleep paralysis.

For those of you who didn’t know, when we fall asleep our bodies release a chemical into the part of our brain that controls movement, the chemicals being glycine and GABA. These essentially freeze your muscles, rendering you incapable of movement. This is done to keep us from acting out our dreams and injuring ourselves. (Sleepwalkers’ bodies don’t release enough of this chemical, hence the walking).

If you wake up during sleep paralysis there is a period in which you are literally paralyzed until your body realizes that you are awake. Additionally, if you are a lucid dreamer you will often be aware of your paralysis while sleeping. Needless to say, sleep paralysis is terrifying, like claustrophobia to the nth degree. Many people also perceive “demons” or other things holding them down. One of the most infamous of these is known as the Old Hag.

To escape it, all you must do is focus on a small muscle like a single finger, though toes work well too. Your brain mainly focuses on freezing large muscles so if you try, your fingers are able to twitch. As soon as you move them the chemical in your brain will begin to dissipate. When you are freely moving your fingers, move on to a bigger muscle, like your hand. When your hand is moving freely, try your arm. Bit by bit you can slowly escape paralysis until you are fully mobile again. This method works very well for me and I have never been stuck in paralysis for long because of it. Stay calm, and focus on moving your fingers.

3. The smell of your house from when you come back from a trip is what others always smell when they meet you.

This will be helpful when inviting guests over or keeping your house clean.

4. This is how to access all of the data Google has collected about you (and how to disable it).

Google stores basically everything you do, so if your account is hacked the hackers will know everything about you. This includes audio conversations, web history, and location history. So it’s important to know how to turn it off. Head over here and you can easily change your preferences to protect your safety.

You can also download all of the data Google has collected about you. Click here to customize what you want to download. You will receive the link to the download in an email. If you want, it even has an option to send you your data very 2 months for a year.

5. A lot of fraudulent sellers on Amazon will change old listings with many positive reviews to make their bad product appear legit.

Make sure you read the questions and a few reviews before buying.

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