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5 Things You Should Know – Part 313

Here are 5 things you should know.

1. When buying paint, don’t be fooled by the term “Paint and Primer in One.” This is a catchy marketing term that is misleading. It just means the paint covers well, it will not fully prepare an unprepped surface.

There will be instances when a primer is required: bare surfaces like wood, drywall, and concrete, fresh patchwork like spackling, freshly removed wallpaper, etc. Skipping the primer step can lead to peeling paint, shiny spots called “flashing,” and poor color and sheen uniformity.

If you are changing colors, but the wall is in sound condition, then the “Paint and Primer in One” will cover well. But don’t be misled by a salesperson claiming you can skip steps; it’s not always advisable to skip the primer step.

2. You can opt-out of those annoying credit card letters, among other things, by using the information provided by the FTC.

The link for this is here

3. In the UK there is a free confidential helpline for old people who feel lonely and seek friendship and advice. You can also volunteer for this service.


4. When trying to catch an uber after a concert, big event or big sports game, walk a few blocks away from the venue. You will be able to get a cheaper ride home (by avoiding surge pricing) and it’s usually faster to walk a few blocks than wait 20 minutes for the uber to come through traffic.

5. As high as 80% of people have or will develop a form of herpes, and it’s genuinely not a big deal.

Herpes was not considered an issue throughout all of human history (even Shakespeare casually mentions it in Romeo and Juliet). That is until the 1970s & 80’s when the anti-viral drug acyclovir came out to help those who were immunocompromised fight the virus. In order to make more money after they spent so much time making the drug, a gigantic smear campaign was made to fear monger alongside HIV to get people to buy it. Time Magazine even released an issue calling it “The New Scarlett Letter”. This stigma has continued even though HSV 1 is so common, as many as 80% of adults already have it while 1 out of 8 has HSV 2. It can be a painful rash on the first outbreak but can become basically unnoticeable afterward, and for some, the initial rash is equally unnoticeable which is what makes it so easy to pass on. They aren’t even included in standard STI screenings because it’s both expensive and too common, many people with either strain never even develop symptoms. And if you do test positive, both daily drugs or drugs just for outbreaks are available. So if you have herpes, treat like what it is; a rash. And if someone comes forward and tells you they have herpes, educate yourself before deciding they might be “diseased”. If they’re on daily anti-viral medicine you may even be less likely to get it from them then from someone who doesn’t know they have it.

Childbirth complications can happen, but if you are diagnosed with the genital form of HSV1 or HSV2 a c-section is a completely easy fix to protect from it. The biggest pain caused is the shame, guilt, and depression it can give people who are diagnosed. That means the smear campaign is working and making literally millions of people feel worthless and disgusting.

Its just occasional rash folk, not a love life death sentence or an actual death sentence.






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