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5 Things You Should Know – Part 314

Here are 5 things you should know.

1. There’s a website called freecycle.org where people give away their unwanted furniture, appliances and other items for free.

Image credit: freecycle.org

It’s important for anyone who is short on money or college students that want decent furniture/appliances, etc. for free. The website has moderators to ensure there’s no spam.

There’s a feature on the site to choose by location.

2. Mediocre CPR is better than no CPR.

I’ve heard multiple people say that they’d be reluctant to perform CPR, despite being trained because they’re afraid they would mess it up or do it wrong.

You should know that if someone isn’t breathing and has no pulse, you can’t make it worse. Doing even mediocre CPR gives them at least some chance.

“He ain’t getting any deader!”

3. Cut your toenails straight across rather than curved to prevent ingrown toenails.

If you cut them straight across and not too short you’ll save yourself a lot of discomforts.


4. The website b-ok.cc is a free online library containing millions of PDFs of books and textbooks.

5. YouTube and YouTube Kids are not safe at all for small children.

Something or someone has been posting hundreds of thousands of videos apparently meant for children, racking up BILLIONS of views by abusing the algorithm

They have very confusing titles full of random words meant to pop up during autoplay and feature well-known cartoon or comics characters engaging in activities that include gruesome injuries, injections, scat “humor”, unmasked sexual innuendos, pregnancy, abortions and things like that. Those videos also tend to start as normal cartoons like Peppa pig only to turn bad after a few minutes.

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