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5 Things You Should Know – Part 319

Here are 5 things you should know.

1. When you come into the emergency room as a trauma patient, you will be stripped down to your underwear.

This seems to come as a big surprise to many patients who come in, protesting that “I’m definitely not hurt down there why are you taking my pants off?” Medical staff is trained to check your whole body, because oftentimes even in cases of STABBINGS, patients do not realize where all of their injuries are that may need to be treated.

So please, don’t accuse everyone of trying to violate you while struggling. The medical staff is just trying to make sure you’re safe.

Edit with additional info:

  1. Your clothes aren’t always cut off. If you’re “well enough” to do it yourself sometimes the staff will let you just do it yourself.

  2. If you’re getting undressed like this, a trauma alert/code has likely been called (basically summoning any nearby doctors to come and help). This is typically for the more serious cases, so you probably don’t have to worry about this if you’re coming in with a sprain or such.

2. If you click the “i” icon during an unskippable YouTube ad, you can click “stop showing me this ad” and hit “cancel”, so you can skip the ad.

Many of you, like me, hate those annoying ads on YouTube that you can’t skip. Follow this quick tip and it can save you some time and annoyance!

3. If you find a wallet, you can put it in any USPS box, and they’ll send it to the address on the driver’s license at no cost.

4. In Windows 10 you can press the Windows Key + V to bring up your Clipboard history, which saves any text/images you copy ready for you to re-use.

This has been available since October 2018, so assuming you haven’t done anything fancy to disable Windows updates you should have had this feature for a while, possibly without knowing it.

5. GMO foods are safe to grow and eat, have fewer mycotoxins, reduce the use of pesticides, have increased shelf life, increased crop yields, increased nutrients, and have less environmental impacts when growing than non-GMO foods.

In conclusion, GM crops are safe to grow and consume, pose no health risks for humans or livestock, increase crop yields, are larger in size, have more nutritional benefits, increased shelf life, need fewer pesticides to grow, have lower levels of mycotoxins, are more environmentally friendly to grow, and are more profitable than non-GM crops.

To be anti-GMO is to be pro-pesticide, pro-environmental degradation, and anti-science.


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  • AT 72 I can’t tell you how many times i have heard our ‘scientists’ tell us something was safe to use and then later found out that continued use had brutal consequences. The only way i would believe any of these kinds of articles is if ALL concerned in the research used the products. I think you will find that is not the case. But then I only have 72 years of input to consider.


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