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5 Things You Should Know – Part 320

Here are 5 things you should know.

1. Talking to yourself is actually considered healthy.

As said by Paloma Mari-Beffa here, “talking out loud, when the mind is not wandering, could actually be a sign of high cognitive functioning. Rather than being mentally ill, it can make you intellectually more competent. “

So yes. You’re not insane… Even if you talk to yourself aloud.

2. When signing up for interest-free financing for a product, if you don’t pay that item off completely in the allotted time, all the accrued interest will be due as soon as the term is up.

The credit card company will not break the monthly amount due to equal increments to safeguard you from not paying it all on time.

For instance, you buy an 1800 dollar washer with 0% interest for 18 months. Your monthly minimum amount due will be ~$50. They won’t set the monthly due amount at $100 to ensure you pay it off in time. You’ll have to figure that math out yourself and be sure you pay that amount to make sure your balance is $0 come the 18th month.

If you don’t pay 1800 off completely by the end, all that interest you would have saved gets added to the balance, making the interest-free financing useless.

3. The 112 is an international emergency services number.

Dialing 112 in any country will reach that countries emergency services line. Without the need for a SIM card.

4. There’s an increasing amount of Airbnb listings ran by scammers.

Google Airbnb scam and there are probably more articles.


For rental of the entire place, also try homeaway.com owns you the same company as vrbo which has been around much longer than Airbnb.

Whatever platform you use,

  1. Read the reviews THOROUGHLY

  2. Check google maps for surrounding areas for an indication of types of the neighborhood; type of grocery stores, nearby shops, and businesses; pawn shops and cash advance indicate the low-income neighborhood

  3. Parking

  4. Use google street view

  5. Check to see if there are other listings by the same owner

  6. Set expectations based on your trip; need a bed to crash or longer stay with the option to cook at the host’s house. Check your needs and wants and read to see if the host provides it

Lastly, leave reviews to help others.

5. If you only have your Daytime Running Lights on in your car, then nobody can see you from behind because your taillights are off. Make sure the lights you see ahead of your car are actually your full headlights!

The DRLs are too dim to see from far away particularly when there are other cars nearby with their own lights. You also may unknowingly be straining to see ahead of you because DRLs are a dimmer version of your headlights.

If someone turns their own car’s lights on and off near you, they may be trying to tell you to check that your headlights are on. Please check for everyone’s safety.

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