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5 Things You Should Know – Part 324

Here are 5 things you should know.

1. Google maps have a feature that alerts you if a taxi driver goes off route.

This is useful to avoid the common taxi scam where the driver takes a much longer route with many unnecessary turns. It only notifies you if the taxi driver takes a route, more than 500 meters away from the fastest route it found.

Here is how: To get Maps to track your ride, look for navigation directions to your destination, and tap the stay safer button in the menu at the bottom. You’ll find the off-route alerts there. Enable them then start the navigation.

2. A lot of bargains on Black Friday are actually cheaper, crappier versions of the real thing.

If you’re eyeing that nice new 55″ UHDTV from Best Buy, know that a lot of the products sold on Black Friday are made solely for that day and manufacturers will make it seems like you’re buying the same thing you saw at 4x the price the week before, when in fact, the model number is ever so slightly different and lacks a lot of the features of the other model.

And this goes far further than just TVs.

The Nintendo Switch, for example, is going to be on sale but what you may not know is that it is the older version, with much worse battery life then the new, currently SAME PRICE model.

3. You can disable those “[site] would like to send you notifications]” popups.

Those g*ddamn popups of sites constantly asking for permission to spam you are one of the most annoying things ever invented, so here’s how to disable those requests altogether.

On Chrome


4. Stretch marks are an indicator of speed, not size.

Stretch marks happen with rapid growth.  So if you feel overweight or unhealthy because you have them, don’t. They’re super common and just mean that part of your body grew fast. Source

5. You can get free Apple headphones if you turn in your old ones.

If you have Apple headphones, like EarPods, then you can bring them to the Apple store to get them replaced. Technically they need to be broken but if you don’t tell them that they aren’t actually broken, they will still replace them. This is something you should know because it’s always good to get new headphones, or even if they are broken and you need them to be replaced. You can replace them for free.

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