5 Things You Should Know – Part 334

January 27, 2020
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  1. Lee says:

    Cannot see any facts on any page, it’s all now broken

  2. Thomas says:

    I appreciate the update to the site appearance, but nothing appears to load properly now. there’s no facts to read, no picfacts to view. Just a headline.

    1. Admin says:

      Hi Thomas, thank you for bringing it to our notice. However, the content seems to load fine for us. Are you still having trouble viewing the content?

      1. Thomas says:

        Yeah, nothings loaded. I see a headline with the background image. Previous and next article links. Latest Posts and a new Did You Know? thing on the right hand side. Comments below that. Not actual article.

  3. Billy Bob Thornton says:

    So now that the site is all Ajax, when going through the list of… lists, and hitting the back button, you have to go back and reload all those lists again. The new design is nice and all, but the way it loads the articles now is kinda a pain. Just fyi.

  4. FLargon says:

    It doesn’t work on google chrome. you have to use IE… or something else

    1. Lee says:

      Doesn’t work on Samsung internet either. I used to really enjoy this site

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