5 Things You Should Know – Part 53

August 16, 2016
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  1. jo archer says:

    I have never understood why Americans couldn’t differentiate between turtles and tortoises. Even if they don’t think they can when you show a picture of one to a Brit they will automatically know that turtles are the aquatic ones and tortoises are not. It’s more amazing considering we don’t have any native ones… I think it might be because of David Attenborough who I was sickened to find out had been replaced in all his programmes by Oprah Winfrey in the US. I mean what on planet earth were they thinking, that’s like replacing Usain Bolt with Roseanne Barr in a running competition. But I digress, looking at the shell to see if it is dome shaped is an odd way to do it. Why not look at it’s legs? If it has flippers it’s a turtle, if it has stumpy feet it’s a tortoise if it has clawed flat feet it’s a terrapin. That’s much clearer than looking for a dome shape to guess how aquadynamic it might be. After all they are all domed to an extent. None are flat.

    1. zombiekid loves turtles says:

      I agree that it is hilarious how US people are retarded. It is preferred, as stupid people buy more useless stuff and generally make poor decisions that lead to unnecessary expenses. In order for the rich to become richer, the uneducated must stay stupid. Nature dictates that only the strong survive, but the smart ones will keep the retards alive as a source of income. Stupid people procreate faster as well, and a higher pop means a higher borrowing limit for the gov’t.

      As for the other things you said, I think you sound like a stupid American. The last 6 sentences you typed above are drivel. Your argument should focus on language–instead you just sort of made stuff up. The word ‘turtle’ is not a scientific name, so shut up about it. Your system for classification is completely flawed. Most all have claws, there are many flat-shelled species, and flippers =/= webbed digits

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