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5 Things You Should Know – Part 97

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  1. Michael Mouse says:

    2. Even more likely is that you haven’t washed the toothpaste out of your mouth fully. Overnight it dries and cracks the corners of your mouth where toothpaste tainted saliva leaks out and evaporates back to just toothpaste which chemically dries out the skin it contacts (hence used to treat spots). I used to get it once in a while but it took me years to realise the link.

  2. Frito Zanzibar says:

    #1- Congress and Trump admin are already working to end the summer food program for low income children, these have to be the most evil and horrible people to even contemplate ending low income food programs

    It makes me sick to think some people have no compassion or heart

    Please, vote out all member sof congress who vote to dismantle the free summer food program

    1. Jason says:

      How is it the government’s job to feed your child…

      1. Frito Zanzibar says:

        but you are ok with the US spending more than any other country on bombs, bullets and guns to kill people? what about the billions we spend on “containment” of communism and “terrorism”? how about the billions awarded to non -govt defense contractors like Blackwater? Spending millions and millions on new jets and tanks that never actually see combat before they are relgated as “obsolete”

        So what you are saying is you would rather have your tax money used to kill people, subjugate innocent foreign peoples and cultures, and pad corporate bottom lines, than to help starving children.

        I surely hope you don’t EVER describe yourself as a Christian. because you are apparently a horrible human being. I feel sorry for you.

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