Your company’s growth and status are directly related to the productivity of your team. Adopting and using technology is a great way to quickly see increased productivity and improvements in business efficiency. Companies need productive employees to achieve increased profitability. However, studies show that workers are only productive about 60% of the time.

Technology can help companies get more out of their employees. The goal when using tech tools is to automate or eliminate tedious, manual tasks that employees have to do. 

Tech tools make tasks faster, easier, and more efficient and open up new possibilities for enhanced communication, collaboration, and analysis. However, considering the wide range of options for technical tools, systems, and apps available today, companies can easily become overwhelmed and not know what to choose for their business operations. 

It’s important to consider the benefits that your technology strategy will bring to you. What are your productivity goals, and which areas are most in need of improvement? Thinking about the outcomes you want to achieve will help you create a cohesive plan for technology acquisitions.

Below we share five ways tech tools can help companies be more productive and keep up with the competition.

Help you Keep Track of Your Remote Team

Without the right equipment, it can be difficult for your remote team to manage day-to-day tasks. Some tech tools can help you keep your team’s productivity up even if they work from home.

To see the real-time workload of your employees, you might consider investing in remote productivity tracking software. This tool will allow you to track time spent on tasks by your employees and increase their productivity.

This type of software will allow you to keep tabs on your staff’s clock-in and clock-out times, their break times, and the amount of time they actually spend working on deadline-bound projects. In addition, it aids in the observance of the maintenance of a healthy work-life balance. To assist the gap between remote workers and keep them productive and connected, it is crucial to invest in the right tech solutions.

Seamless Project Management

Team management tools make bringing team members on board for any project easier. Using one single platform, project managers can assign tasks and attach briefs, and engage with their team members.

Each member of the team can see their responsibilities and priorities easily. They can also connect with other team members on the project. You can share all the files within the project and keep everyone up-to-date with the progress and deliverables.

A solid project management tool will clearly define deadlines, task dependencies, and bottlenecks for the project. This allows project managers to take concrete steps to ensure higher productivity.

Improve Internal Collaboration

Nothing comes close to holding a productive brainstorming session in the workplace. Technology today allows employees to meet in new and more creative ways to brainstorm, share ideas, create new products, or work together to solve a problem.

Collaboration software makes it possible for teams to collaborate on projects or tasks regardless of their physical location. This not only helps teams stay engaged but also improves their communication skills. This leads to better teamwork and bonding among peers.

Collaboration tools make it possible for teams to stay connected across time zones and even across borders. They make it simple for teams to keep in touch even when they are not online. Teams can collaborate, share ideas, encourage one another, and support each other through difficult situations.

Boost Employee Engagement 

Workplace productivity and employee engagement might seem like they are mutually exclusive concepts, but they are actually not. In fact, reports have shown that workers would pick an employer with a strong culture of empathy over someone who offers a better salary.

A great place to start to boost employee engagement is to use an employee engagement tool. You can use these tools to send out quick surveys, open anonymous feedback channels to your employees, and facilitate peer-to-peer recognition.

Effective Scheduling

If you want to improve your productivity and get more things done, you must prioritize and enjoy scheduling.

Calendar apps can interface with almost any type of application and are instantly available on any device that you are looking to boost productivity. These tech tools can help you achieve your goals and priorities in the time you have available. Run your day according to the schedule and you’ll see a significant increase in productivity and efficiency.

Final Thoughts

Technology is continually evolving to better serve users and make life and business operations easier. Technology is used by businesses to enhance productivity and decrease costs, but it can also help boost morale and keep people engaged. So, in order to keep track of your remote team, manage your projects, improve internal collaboration, boost employee engagement, and be organized, you must invest in the appropriate tech tools that will make your business more productive and enjoyable.

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Last Update: April 18, 2023