When you’re a company that’s been around since 1934, you are bound to come up with some rather odd ideas. DC Comics is, unfortunately, no exception. Well, unfortunately for them, but at least we all get to laugh at some of their more ridiculous characters. And trust me, they get pretty silly.

Here are the six most bizarre and head-scratching villains that DC has to offer.

1. Mister Mind

Captain Marvel’s strangest foe, Mister Mind, is basically a caterpillar. To be exact, it is a “Venusian Worm”. So what can this little worm do? He’s a telepath, one of the strongest in the DC Universe, actually. He also has telekinesis, and at one point had the ability to alter reality and absorb matter, making him one of the most formidable villains period.

2. Codpiece

This baddie’s origins begin when a girl tells him he’s too small. She meant his height, but he thought she meant his you-know-what. So, fast forward a few years, and now he runs around wreaking havoc with a gigantic laser strapped to his crotch. He was swiftly defeated when the hero Coagula disintegrated his oversized weapon.

3. Egg-Fu

An adversary to the likes of Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn, this villain’s beginnings are a bit more… questionable than the others on this list. In his original appearance, he’s depicted as a gigantic egg-shaped Asian racial stereotype. Although this character has been reworked multiple times throughout its history, he’s still, at his core, a hyper-intelligent talking egg.

4. Blue Snowman

Another Wonder Woman villain (sensing a pattern here?), Blue Snowman’s schtick is that she is basically a worse version of Dr. Freeze, dressed up in a big blue snowman costume. Her special ability is to use a freeze gun she made to shoot a homemade “blue snow” that instantly freezes things it touches. Despite being a tad bland, she has actually been a longstanding villain throughout several periods of DC’s history.

5. Condiment King

You guessed it, he’s a supervillain that uses condiment-shooting guns to cause mild problems in Gotham. He is pretty much only used as comic relief and an easy win for batman and the birds of prey. The only real threat with this guy is if he were to shoot somebody who was allergic to that condiment, so not a whole lot of potential for destruction and chaos here.

6. Kite Man

Chances are you already know at least something about this man. Charles Brown, otherwise known as Kite Man, is a villain that flies on a kite and is strangely based on the Peanuts character Charlie Brown. As weird as that all sounds, don’t mistake this guy for a Condiment King type comic relief.

He began as a hero, using his homemade kite gadgets to serve the common good. Eventually, he dips his toes into petty crime and builds a small reputation as a noteworthy criminal. Unfortunately, his life took a dark turn when the Riddler killed his son as part of his war with the Joker. Kite man then teams with the latter in an attempt to exact his revenge. However, Batman, siding with the Riddler, defeats Joker’s team and recruits Kite Man to help him finish them off. Ultimately, Kite Man helps Batman when the Riddler turns on him, showing that he’s more of an anti-hero than a true villain.

These are my top six, but that doesn’t mean that these are the only wacky villains or characters in general that DC Comics has to offer. If you’re looking for a good laugh, keep looking for their more bizarre posts.

Last Update: April 25, 2020