According to a recent report, there are around 1.46 billion iPhone users around the world. But how many of those users know about Apple?

And when we say ‘know about Apple’, we mean really know about Apple. Not just that it was created by Steve Jobs and has an apple logo at the back of every device. Not even the technical facts, like how the first Face ID was invented, or how they managed to fit the A13 bionic chipset inside the 4.7-inch iPhone SE – seriously, that thing is diddy! 

We’re talking about the obscure facts that only the die-hard fans know about. For Apple users, this is the information that can finally get you closer to the brand that resides in your pocket, or if nothing else, could prove useful during your next trivia night!

So what are we waiting for? In no particular order, below are 7 Apple facts that you didn’t know about, but will know about in approximately 2 minutes.

Apple’s Original Logo Was a Little Different

Everyone knows the Apple logo. It’s an apple. But it wasn’t always this way. One of the original co-founders of Apple, Ronald Wayne, designed the first logo that featured Isaac Newton. Steve Jobs, thinking it was too old-fashioned, got someone else to make it more modern and minimalist. Hence, an apple.

Apple is Actually a Gaming Console

Anyone can buy games on Apple devices, and even pick up free games on the Mac – check out to take advantage of that one. But did you know that Apple games make as much money as every console and PC put together? In 2021, Apple even managed to pull in $14 billion in mobile gaming. $14 billion! Scandalous.

Steve Jobs Really Liked Apples

There are a lot of theories on the internet about why Apple is called ‘Apple’. Was Steve Jobs a fan of Isaac Newton? Did he relate to his free-flying thinking and willpower to change what we know about the world? Well, uh, no. Steve Jobs just really liked apples. They were his favourite fruit. Yummy. If you like apples too, here are some facts about actual apples. We highly recommend them.

Ronald Wayne Had a Shocker

Ronald Wayne was one of the three co-founders of Apple, but he only stuck around for 12 days – perhaps he was upset that his Isaac Newton logo was turned down. It was a good thing that he left, though. He sold around 10% of his share for a whopping $800. If he had stayed, his shares would have been a measly $60 billion. Good job, Ronald Wayne! Bless him.

Apple is Actually a City

Apple’s headquarters are in Cupertino, California. But if it wanted to, it could create an entire city out of its staff – around 90,000 people. It would probably have the money to do it, too, according to our next fact.

Apple is More Powerful Than the US Government

That’s right, Apple is more powerful than the US government. Well, that’s not strictly true. Apple has more money than the US government, but that doesn’t give them more power. Or does it? Perhaps Apple actually is the government, and all our phones are Trojan horses designed to track us. Conspiracy theorists unite!

Apple is the Work of Satan?

Our last fact? The very first Apple I sold for exactly $666.66. Why? Is Steve Jobs a member of the occult? Is this another one for the conspiracy theorists to have field day over? Of course not. Apparently, it was the other co-founder Steve Wozniak who liked repeated numbers. While the price was originally $667.00, he changed it to $666.66. Imagine that. Leaving a whole $0.44 cents out of your pocket because of personal preference. Steve Jobs must have been furious.

So there you have it. 7 Apple facts that have hopefully tightened your relationship with your phone, and given you fodder to win that trivia night. You’re welcome!

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Last Update: February 2, 2024