From TV shows, movies, or anywhere else, we all have a perception of what it is like to be a medical student. However, the image that we have is woefully incorrect and inaccurate. From motivation & biases to personality & intellect, what you think that you know about medical students is probably incorrect.

Want to know what is fact and what is fiction? Let’s take a look at the following 7 interesting facts about medical students to know more.

1. Medical Students are very Smart

Provided the long and strenuous path it takes for a person to become a med school student, this is true. First, you need to do a lot of studying in college as a pre-med student. Later, you have to give MCAT and score exceptionally well to get into medical school.

Being a medical student isn’t easy, folks. After that, a long and tiring journey is still left till you become a practicing physician. However, it is not only your intelligence that gets you to and through med school. Rather your work ethic is crucial as well.

You need to put in a lot of hard work along with that intelligence to get somewhere!

2. Medical Students do like Eastern Medicine

CAM – complementary & alternative medicine – covers various treatment methods and therapies. Many of them are not included traditionally in western medicine. It is a common perception that med students don’t like CAM which isn’t true most of the times.

Students of today strive to learn about evidence-based medicine. This includes all therapies and medicines with the latest medical research to back their effectiveness. So, whether it is eastern medicine or western medicine, it needs to be evidence-based. If it is, most medical students will be happy to learn about it to stay up to date.

3. Medical Students Know All the Diseases Generally

This is a fact that medical school students are taught about everything from heart diseases to brain tumors. However, it is as simple as the fact that if you don’t use it, you will lose it. Throughout med school, med students keep learning about various diseases, but they will not know enough to be a specialist.

For this, they have to go through rigorous residency and a lot more. They face a lot of challenges in medical school training and do know a lot, though.

4. Medical Students are not in Bed with Big Pharmaceuticals

It is comical when people talk about doctors & medical students as evil people who have been trying to push drugs. People think they are trying to make money off you. However, this is not true at all.

The reason people go to medical schools is to help people. The fact that med students love biology, science, and the intellectual stimulation they get from studying medicine are undisputed. Making money off your sick health isn’t something that comes in the darkest corners of their minds.

There are some bad apples, of course. However, can we honestly name a single profession where there aren’t any corrupt people? The majority of doctors and med students don’t get incentives from huge pharmaceutical companies.

5.  Medical Students love Input from Patients

As a medical student, one is not a doctor yet and there are so many things to learn and know. The misconception is that med students are supposed to know everything and there is no need to give your input.

Good physicians understand how important it is to take input about medical conditions from their patients. Proper questioning is something that helps medical students enhance their knowledge and get to the root of the problems.

It is important that you humanize the medical students and allow them to learn by giving your input, recommends Dr. Mumbo writer at PapersOwl when talking about medical school students. Medical students need help from online writing services with all the work they have to do to pass their tough exams. 

6. Medical Students Deal with Stress and Depression as well

Just because they are doctors-in-training doesn’t mean that they are not human. They have a lot of workload. Thus, it gets hard to maintain a balance between their personal and professional lives.

It is not hard to imagine that they also suffer from stress-related issues when studying at the University of Medicine. Difficulties faced by med students are various. The best thing is that they know what the symptoms are and don’t often hesitate to ask for help. This is what most of us should do as well.

7. Medical Students Love Company

Again, they are humans and love the company of family and friends. A medical school is a demanding place. The demanding caseloads, long hours of studying does make it hard for the doctors to have friends.

It does get hard to maintain the balance between all the work they have to do and their families. However, they rely on all the support they can get from their close friends.

Final Word

Doctors and medical school students have a revered position in society. However, we need to remember that they are humans as well. They need outlets for stress, and if you can help them in any way, you definitely should.

Hats off to the hardworking men & women who sacrifice so much just to help others!

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Last Update: April 21, 2021