Baccarat is arguably a casino game that does not get as much loving as many other types of games do. It can often be overlooked by many players, as they opt for those that perhaps have a bigger reputation or are more synonymous with the casino industry.

The advent of the internet and the technological boom that has been experienced has allowed the game to thrive somewhat, though, as players can easily find various options available at an online casino. Nonetheless, it’s still a game that can have a variety of intriguing aspects that are just begging to be discovered and known…

1. It’s surrounded by mystery

The origins of baccarat are actually still being debated, thus adding a sense of mystique to the game. Most believe the game was created by a man called Felix Falguiere (sometimes spelt Falguierein), and it is accepted that it was invented in the 15th century. However, that is about all that is known. Some even claim it is a lot newer than that, though, with the 19th century being cited due to its popularity with French players.

2. Features simplistic gameplay

Baccarat is often considered a game of sophistication, but in truth, it is rather simple and basic. The perceived complexity of the game can often put many off from playing when it shouldn’t. Players only have three different main types of bets that they need to consider (‘Player’, ‘Banker’, or ‘Tie), and being as close to 9 (or exact) as possible. The value of the cards will be added up, with any double-digit value losing its first digit. Cards with a value of 10 will actually be worth 0 instead.

3. Many variations are available to enjoy

Although there are only a few different main bets to consider, baccarat does have various other side bets that can be placed. This is due to the variations that are now available to enjoy. If you check out the casino games on Unibet, you’ll find many versions of baccarat, with everything from those who wish to play at a quick pace or enjoy a live casino experience. Other variants available can often be referred to as Chemin de Fer and Punto Banco, while Dragon Tiger can be considered a two-card game variant of baccarat, too.

4. It has a low house edge

Casino players will want to beat the house as much as possible, as this is only natural when seeking entertainment through iGaming activities. Baccarat can offer that possibility, with it being far better in terms of maximizing win potential than many other games. It usually features the lowest house edge around, with it around the 1% point. When you compare it with the varying edge that slots can provide (often between 4%+), it is a shock not as many are intrigued by the card game.

5. Luxurious appeal

There aren’t many casino games that can say they have a luxurious appeal about them. Baccarat is a table game that can offer luxury in various ways, including in a minimalistic guise. The game oozes class for many due to its underrated status among casino goers, making it seem more exclusive than other options. There is also the connection to James Bond, as 007 is shown playing the game in various movies about the secret agent.

5. Baccarat often appeals to high rollers

Unlike many of the other casino games available, baccarat can be a game that attracts high rollers. These are bettors who are willing to make higher stakes, and this game seems to attract them in their numbers. This is largely down to the fact that the game is basic in terms of its rules, there is an aura of luxury attached to it, as well as the potential high returns that can be obtained.

6. Global appeal

Despite its understated reputation and popularity, the game does have a global love from players worldwide. It can often be a game of choice for many in Asian countries, such as those who attend the casinos in Macau. Baccarat is often seen as being an oriental game due to the fortune and prosperity that players can get when they are winners. Players in this part of the world like to wager bigger stakes and enjoy a level of luxury; with baccarat perceived to offer these two aspects, it is easy to understand why it has become a popular option.

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Last Update: March 18, 2024