We can all agree that great superhero movies with engaging characters can tell a powerful story. It is, therefore, rather unfortunate that most of them haven’t aged particularly well.

Inevitably, there will always be a need to reboot your favorite Marvel movies. Let’s explore the reasons why this may happen!

1. Reigniting Excitement for Previously Popular Movies

Think of what, merely two decades ago, the X-Men movies did excellently. With time, however, the film’s critical view significantly diminished. There was lower excitement even for the most recent iterations of the series. Rebooting is clearly the best remedy so long as they can get it right!

2. Need to Refresh Outdated Setting for Popular Movies

You probably fondly remember films like Blade. This was one dark movie, with vicious vampires, perfect actors, and unprecedented runaway success. The characters sprang alive straight off the comic book pages. Unfortunately, some of it has come to look a bit dated. A proper reboot is in order to bring things into 2020.

3. Need to Revive Legendary Characters

A miracle happened when the Fox franchise experimented with the massively popular character, Deadpool. Fox allowed the film to be adapted straight from the source material; bang!

Fans were excited after watching test footage, and the studio had done a great job making a faithful character. Just like with Deadpool, other characters could receive similar treatment.

4. Remedying a Poorly Written Script

Some film scripts are simply poorly written. These could use rebooting to spruce up the story.

5. Reworking Popular Themes to Trend with the Times

Do you remember the earth-shaking impact of Guardians of the Galaxy? It instantly became a timeless classic. With a powerful cast, exciting characters, and comical moments, it has everything going.

Just think what we could do as technology gets better! A very exciting prospect indeed.

6. Reviving the Fires of a Solo Film

Think back to the legendary Captain America or the Winter Soldier. These films give credence to the idea that a solo film can be extremely well done. If you watched Nick Fury in the Agents of Shield movie, you’d likely nod in agreement.

The star character played his role very well. Unfortunately, much of the rest of the cast didn’t do nearly as well. A reboot of this with Samuel L Jackson would be pretty great!

7. Need to Create Timeless Movies

Wah! Black Panther. A real blockbuster with smashing stars. But the question is: is it genuinely timeless? This seems unlikely. In the future, this film’s themes may become obsolete. The solution? A possible reboot.

8. Remedying Change of Movie Directors

Consider Spiderman. Sony produced two different iterations of the character and his universe to varying degrees of success. It seems like a series that will be in an eternal reboot loop, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing!

Final Thoughts

Do you wonder why and if all Marvel movies will need a reboot in the not-so-distant- future?

It certainly makes for an interesting debate! What do you think will happen?

Last Update: November 4, 2020