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9 Silly Entrepreneurship Facts Guaranteed to Make You Laugh (2020)


Starting your own business is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make, but the journey to establishing a successful company comes with many silly, non-stressful moments as well as serious ones.

Entrepreneurship is fun! It’s not meant to be taken too seriously, which can be hard to do at times. If you find yourself stressing over decisions you have to make or crunching numbers too hard, always remember why you decided to pursue this path in the first place. 

And when you need a little extra encouragement to relax, keep these 9 fun entrepreneurship facts in mind. 

1. There Are Plenty of Awkward Phone Calls  

Have you ever taken a business call while your child was having a fit or you were in the middle of cooking dinner? Maybe you were in the bathroom or sitting in a doctor’s office, but you still took a phone call you couldn’t miss? 

You’re not alone! Often, the major conversations that happen in business don’t occur in fancy boardroom meetings or private lunches. They happen in tandem with other aspects of life, especially during the first few years of business. 

2. Everything Is a Thrill  

Even when you’re feeling particularly stressed, there’s a certain level of excitement that comes with entrepreneurship that’s unmatched by anything else. As you start to see your small wins add up, everything becomes a thrill. 

It’s exciting when you start to interview for a new position you’re adding to the team or when you get your first office space. It’s just as exciting to buy a new plant or piece of decor for your office or to have a team outing or lunch to take a step back and enjoy the progress being made.

There’s joy in everything you do as an entrepreneur, you may just have to remind yourself of that from time to time.  

3. Everything That’s Free Is Even Better

Here’s one thing it’s easy to find joy in—free tools for your business. 

Nothing makes a new entrepreneur happier than when an important networking event is free or when a free trial is offered for a subscription/service the company is interested in. It leaves no excuse to not take advantage of the open doors that a $0 cost can offer—especially in light of the many expenses a new business usually takes on.

4. The “Startup Bond” Has Its Pros and Cons

This entrepreneurship fact is more heartfelt than it is silly, but it’s worth sharing the good and bad side of the “startup bond.” You know, the bond that all new entrepreneurs share that encourages them to look out for each other and support each other whenever the interests of their respective businesses align. 

For example, one startup owner may tap the other for help with his/her company’s accounting or web development services to support the other owner’s business. They may engage in a long-term contract or working relationship, usually at a lower cost than the other, more established options.

However, this is assuming the other startup succeeds! Just as you want to get your business off the ground—and encourage others doing the same—you also need to be sure you’re investing in the tools and services you can count on.

5. Being Your Own Boss Doesn’t Mean You Won’t Kiss Up Anymore

Another silly fact of being an entrepreneur is that you don’t rid yourself of kissing up to people you don’t like just because you’re the boss now. Sure, you’ll like everyone who works at your company, but what about the people who work at companies that support your business?

Your delivery guy may be a pain, or your accountant may be a bit arrogant, or the owner of your building might be a stickler for the community rules you have to follow. There will always be someone you have to play nice with, even when you don’t want to—but hopefully, they aren’t on your payroll!

6. Entrepreneurs Are More Hated Than Loved 

Just as you’ll know some people you’re not quite fond of, you’ll be looked on in this light by others, too. In fact, you’ll be rejected and criticized much more than you’ll be praised and celebrated in your time as an entrepreneur. 

This may sound harsh, but it really is funny if you think about it. The rejections will actually be in your favor because they’ll push you to learn and guide you to better things for your business. Meanwhile, all the energy spent by others trying to knock you down is a waste for them; it holds them back from focusing on their business!

7. Entrepreneurship Teaches You More About Yourself Than Business

It’s a little ironic to go into business with so many goals for your company and your professional growth and to then experience the most growth on a personal level. This isn’t a bad thing at all. If anything, tuning into the personal development that comes with being a new entrepreneur can support your company’s success!

It all goes hand in hand. As you try and fail as an entrepreneur you learn how to cope with failure, be persistent and resourceful, ask for help, pull yourself up, and more. There are many profound lessons to be learned as an entrepreneur that teach you about who you are and how to bring the best version of yourself to work every day.

8. The Little Things Matter Most

When you hear about Fortune 500 companies or incredibly successful entrepreneurs, you often only hear about their big wins. You don’t always hear about the small wins that allowed those huge successes to occur. 

The small wins matter most in business. They keep your company moving forward and set the groundwork for the big wins to come later on.

And it’s not just “wins” that matter, either. The small details like having good, clear processes, the level of accountability on your team, and the way things are delegated or resolved play a big part in your overall success. 

9. You Wear Every Hat in the Business

The good thing about having to pay attention to the little things is that at some point or another, you were part of them. Entrepreneurs wear every hat in their business. They’re the IT guy, the source of morale for the team, the idea guy, the tough guy—everything.

Every process, resource, and person on your team was either brought in by you or gained your approval before becoming part of your company. This can be demanding and overwhelming at first, but it pays off in the end to know every aspect of your business so well. 

The Most Important of All Entrepreneurship Facts 

There are many entrepreneurship facts out there, silly and serious alike, that you can turn to as you’re building your company. Some are specific to a certain aspect of running a business and others apply to all businesses and all owners, no matter their industry, age, or level of experience. 

There is one that stands above all, though—and that is to remember to take in every moment. This is one of the most important things you’ll ever do for a reason. So even when it’s demanding, hard, or seems outright impossible, always remember to take a step back and enjoy the process.

For moments when you need some extra motivation, be sure to check out our Facts of the Day! There may be a story in there that is exactly what you need to hear as you figure out the life of an entrepreneur.

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