Artificial Intelligence is a term that was created back in 1950, and since then it has become an essential part of the popular culture, but even in 2019 not everyone knows what this term really means: The ability of computers to mimic human thoughts and in the not so distant future a world where the computers cognitive capacity goes beyond the human possibilities.

In this article we are going to remark the strangest and most interesting facts about Artificial Intelligence:

1. Alan Turing is considered the father of Artificial Intelligence, in 1950 he created a test designed to determine if a computer can think and behave as intelligently as a human.

2. At this very moment in 2019, even the most advanced Artificial Intelligence System will have only one-tenth of the human brain capacity in 16 years, 2035, and by 2060 the scientists expect that there will be AI systems that will outperform any human alive in every possible task.

3. There are computers with enough Artificial Intelligence to predict future outcomes, one of them is the Nautilus System, and it helped the Us Army to predict the location of Osama Bin Laden with an accuracy of 200 km.

4. The European Union has legislated a draft where it encourages scientists to be sure that future Artificial Intelligence systems respect human rights, and also there is a part in this document to ensure that these new artificial forms of life have some sort of fundamental rights that protect them.

5. The facebook company is working really hard in developing a “deep learning artificial intelligence”, a system that is designed to process information the way a human brain would do it, also in 2017 they were conducting an experiment with two chatbots, where they were negotiating between them, but the company had to stop the experiment as the two artificial intelligence programs created a new language to communicate between them, in order to avoid their researchers to be able to understand what they were talking about.


6. Many prominent scientists are not so sure about how good will it be for the humanity the develop and advance of Artificial Intelligence systems, Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates and Elon Musk consider them as a real threat to humanity in the not so distant future, as they fear that at the time the AI system gain self-awareness of their existence and start seeing the humans as a threat they could plan to eliminate the whole human population.

7. A huge part of the population has battled against Artificial Intelligence systems since their childhood and they aren’t aware of it. In video games, coders use the “Expert System” to imitate the intelligent behavior of video gamers to give the computer opponents the capacity to react and fight against gamers in video game situations.

8. Some countries like Saudi Arabia have granted citizenship to a robot called Sophia, to give her the possibility to continue developing its advanced capacity of maintaining a conversation of any topic in a way that resembles how a normal human would interact with their friends and relatives.

9. The last and most worrying fact it is that there is a general consensus among the scientific community that, in no more than a century, humanity will be able to find a cure for every disease, making humans almost immortal, but even if humans achieve this, we will be facing extinction due to having an almost impossible rival to defeat on the planet, the Artificial Intelligence new forms of life.

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Last Update: November 13, 2019